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Redline PL 275 Big BMX Bike with Mountain Bike Features


Brand new bike!

Redline PL275 Big BMX Crusier buuut with disc brakes and 27.5” x 3.0” gumwalls? $650 regular price

We helped Redline with a music video shoot and bought 10 bikes at the end of the shoot. We are offering these at SUBSTANTIAL discounts. Send us an email at cocosvarietystore@gmail.com or call us at 323-664-7400 for details.


We are an authorized Redline dealer. Full warranty support.

From Redline website:

In a world of ever more specific categories of bikes, the Redline RL 275 is in a category of its own. This BMX bike for adults looks like a classic BMX cruiser, until you take a gander at the Tektro mechanical disc brakes and those ultra fat 3-inch wide tires mounted on 27.5 Plus size rims. The Vee Speedster tires roll fast and grip the corners on both pavement and dirt. They also give you some float if you decide to take a short-cut down a staircase or cruise on the beach. With retro graphics and a V-style handlebar, the RL 275 gives you an old-school look with new-school spec.



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