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Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercombie & Fitch Hunter S. Thompson Patchwork Safari Jacket from Kerr's Sport Shop

Abercombie & Fitch Hunter S. Thompson Patchwork Safari Jacket from Kerr's Sport Shop

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I have collected, bought, sold and traded these jackets for 15 years. I currently have four jackets and I am selling two. Check my other auction to see the other jacket I am selling.

This jacket was made for Kerr's Sport Shop of Beverly Hills. This was the 'Abercrombie of the west' and the outfitter to the stars. When I was a kid, I would go to Kerr's with my step-father and he knew all the gentleman in the gun department well. They all wore sport jackets and ties.

I have maintained a page on my site for years collecting information and pictures of the jackets - check the website for more details. Of the four I have, all are a little different. This is an authentic jacket with all the correct pockets, game pouch, lining, patch on arm for shooting a rifle, etc. If you compare this jacket to the other Abercrombie jacket I have listed, you will note that the dry cleaning tag and other features are exactly the same.

This is NOT the inferior, non-technical disco version as sold by Bergdorf-Goodman and other vendors in the later 1970s.

I bought this from the original owner that bought it from Kerr's in the early 70s and decided it was 'too loud' to wear and therefore it have remained in excellent condition.

I wear a 40 Long and it fits me perfectly. It is marked 40.

From the collar base to the bottom of the jacket - 30.5"

From shoulder to shoulder - 19"

From shoulder to end of sleeve - 24"

I am not taking measurements pit to pit or pit to sleeve end as they are gusseted and hard to identify a concise point to measure from.
I collect these jackets and have four total. I have written about them and my search more extensively here.
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