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Bianchi Volpe (2013)

Bianchi Volpe (2013)

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If I were to have just one bicycle, it would have to be a cross bike. They really are the Swiss Army knife of bicycles as they can do it all.

Brand new 2013 Bianchi Volpe do-everything rough stuff commuter steel cyclocross bike. Tiagra 10 speed that frankly works better than my 6 year old Campy. Tektro cantis, Kenda cross tires, triple crank. Chrome moly frame. Attractive slate blue with understated vintage-y graphics.

Current year Volpes are very similar, except they have disc brakes. Discs are great in the wet, but finicky to keep in adjustment and they eat expensive brake pads.


All the specs and details at Bianchi.


As this is a closeout, we have limited supply, in limited colors. Please call Coco's to see what we have left. 


Brand new bike, full Bianchi warranty.


Not internet-buy-able, not shippable. Must be picked up at Coco's, fully assembled and tested.


Note: This bike also shows up in the USED section as it is priced like a used bike.


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