Big Ripper 29r - Big BMX Retro Cruiser of the Strandie Style

$499.00 was $659.00

We probably won’t be stocking their city bikes and fixies as our focus is on the big, adult size BMX style bikes. Super, super fun to ride. @ciclidevotion got us hip to strandies and this is a great way to party for cheap. $659

From SE:

With its 29” wheels, monster-sized PK Ripper inspired frame, and blue and chrome colorway, the Big Ripper is undoubtedly the biggest and baddest BMX bike in the world. Throw in the SE Racing Bear Trap pedals, Big Honkin’ cruiser bars, Cowboy Cut forks, and new Lightning Bolt padset, and it’s obvious that the Big Ripper rules the streets.

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type: BICYCLE by: SE
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