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Brand New Raleigh Back Alley

$559.00 was $599.00

Brand new Raleigh Back Alley single speed / fixie, large 57 CM $320 on close-out


Though this bike is brand new with full factory warranty, we also listed it in used bikes as the close-out price means it is competitively priced to used bikes.

This is a brand new bike with full factory warranty. Coco's believes in getting the best bike for the money and that often means buying a bike that is last year's model. With the exception of high end mountain bikes, there is not a ton of innovation being done in the bike industry on a year to year basis. Generally, especially in the sub-$2000 market, new year refreshes are cosmetic. In fact, often, the change is to downgrade components - move from a name brand headset or crank to a house branded item. 

type: BICYCLE by: Raleigh
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