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Cleary Owl 20" Kid's Bike - Used and Very Clean

Cleary Owl 20" Kid's Bike - Used and Very Clean

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Cleary is a high end maker of kid's bikes like woom. Very light, high quality, easy to learn to ride with low stand over. This bike was bought from Coco's earlier this year and has been well cared for.

New these are $425

From Cleary on fit:

Owl best fit for riders with an inseam of 19" to 23". A rider with a 21" inseam will sit on the Owl with their bottom on the saddle, flat footed on the ground with the seat at its lowest position. At that same saddle height, riders with 19” inseam will happily sit with only the balls of their feet on the ground. As long as a child has an inseam of 19”, their arms and torso are long enough so they can reach the handlebars comfortably.

More about the Owl here

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