Fairdale Weekend Archer


A serious upgrade from the Lookfar! A more refined, disc brake equipped city bike with classic Fairdale ride quality, but better by most every dimension.

1x8 X-5 drivetrain with Avid BB5s. Beefy wheels and a great swept back cruiser city bar.

Comes in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large

Two colors: blue and black with a chrome fork

We really dig Fairdales. They feature high quality name brand components that you never see on bikes at this price point like FSA headset, Odyssey pedals and Continental tires. Great ride quality that are fun to cruise or ride aggressively in the city. Coco's carries more Fairdales, in more sizes and colors than anybody in LA.

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Warranty Info - 5 year Frame, 1 year Components - More info at Fairdale

type: BICYCLE by: Fairdale
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