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Fuji Cape May - Classic Cruiser but LIGHTER


These beach cruisers got everybody in the shop excited to get to the beach. Looks like a classic beach cruiser but they are aluminum frames and are so much lighter and nicer. Plus, instead of having big, soft 2.4" white wall tires, these are firmer, narrower black walls. Still nice at the beach but feels so much zipper on the bike path. Another cool feature, braze-on rack mounts which most cruisers don't have so you can mount a rear rack or kid's seat.

Lots of little niceties that make these so much nicer than an average commodity cruiser like KMC Rustbuster chain, 12 gauge stainless spokes and 1 1/8" headset. If you aren't a bike person, these things may not mean much but it translates to a much higher quality bike that will last.

5' 9" - 6'


type: BICYCLE by: Fuji
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