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Giant BMX Bikes - Hardship Edition

Giant BMX Bikes - Hardship Edition

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@awffle_house_race_team and Coco's Variety join forces to bring you five cool ass BMX bikes for kids denied due to financial hardships. 


These are near new Giant kid's grade BMX bikes. They are probably 2018 Giant GFRs. There are two colorways. We have tuned, cleaned and prepared for sale. They include the extremely robust Coco's blue tag 30 day warranty. 


What is a financial hardship?


If you need to ask, this offering probably doesn't apply. Can be covid related job loss or drastic income reduction but may also be a continuing financial strangehold that existed before covid and will likely continue after. 


The Rules: 

  1. For those suffering a financial hardship
  2. Uncertain financial future is not a financial hardship. That is called 2020. 
  3. One per person
  4. Can be for a neighbor kid, a niece or someone at church
  5. Must send a pic with kid on bike. I want to close the good deed loop with our sponsor @awffle_house_race_team.

Coco's is committed to reducing retail pressure, proximity and transactions. 

How it works: 

  1. We don't need details or proof of hardship - we believe you. 
  2. Buy online only
  3. No test rides or window shopping
  4. After purchase, come to Coco's during business hours, call from outside and tell us your name and what you bought
  5. We will bring bike outside
  6. If it doesn't meet your standards, expectations or needs, call us again and tell us you want a refund and we will issue a refund through the website.
  7. Hours, how we operate

If you profit from the sale of the bike, are not suffering a financial hardship or fail to send photo of kid with bike, you will lose your Coco's privileges. This is not just a great deal, we are trying to keep the world turning.

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