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Isophon Diamont 2000 Bookshelf Speakers (NOS)


When Walter Odemer closed his stereo shop that specialized in German makes like Blaupunkt and Becker, I bought a pallet of these speakers at the final auction. Over the years, I have sold them for between $80-$220 on eBay.

They are very high quality, heavy, attractive speakers in the original box. When you pull them out, the grill foam immediately disintegrates, but if you (easily) remove the foam from the aluminum screens, you can reverse the screen and it looks very attractive - as seen in the picture.

The speaker wire is hard wired to the speaker. It has the typical German standard two pin plug.  If you aren't using with a Telefunken or a Becker, then you can clip and strip the wires for standard US stereo.

Speaker foam surround is a firm rubber-like material and is in sound condition. I have used these for years with no issue.

Will ship in original shipping box. Includes original paperwork, crumbling foam grills and some  j-hooks to mount them on a wall.

Speakers are 4 ohm, but I have used them on 8 ohm systems with good results.

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