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Linus Mixte 7 Speed - The Sportier Classic Linus


This is the sportier of the classic Linus models. It has a threadless stem with a more streamline, aero riding position. More comfortable for longer rides than the very upright Dutchis. Also, the Dutchi has a grip shift which some people find to be 'plastic-y' while the seven speed Mixte has trigger shifters more like a mountain bike.

Other little upgrades over the three speed include polished alloy fenders versus painted steel and brown leatherette lock-on grips w/polished alloy end caps.

The 7 speed is the way to go if you anticipate riding up hills. The three speed just doesn't give the range that the 7 speed does.

Arctic Matte Blue


Brand new bike, full Linus warranty.

type: BICYCLE by: Linus
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