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Linus Roadster Sport 3-Speed


UPDATE March 7th - We have large and medium olive and large black Linus Roadsters 3i's in stock. When we get more used or new bikes, we will send out an email alert. Thanks!


Old English 3-speed country bikes are wonderful machines, make no mistake, but they are also quite heavy. Gas pipe thick steel tube frames with heavy iron components makes for a smooth ride on a flat country lane, but they are a beast to get up to speed and even tougher up the hills. Linus bicycles have chrome moly frames and the components are lightweight alloys which make for a nimble bike that is fun to throw around.

3-speeds are great for most city, park, bike path and beach riding. If you live up in the foothills, say around Beachwood Market, you will benefit from an 8 speed. If you live at the top of the Hollywood Hills, a Linus isn't going to cut it and you will need a derailleur bike with 18+ speeds.


Call us at 323-664-7400 for the latest on sizes and colors in stock.

Brand new bike, full Linus warranty.

Not internet-buy-able, not shippable. Must be picked up at Coco's, fully assembled and tested.

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