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MKS Sylvan Touring Pedals with Large Chrome MKS Toe Clips and Nylon Straps - CLOSEOUT PRICE


Brand new MKS Sylvan Touring pedals that we bought at a killer price and are passing along our extreme good fortune. This combo kit comes with MKS chrome (large) toe clips already mounted with nylon straps.


If you are not familiar, MKS (Makashima Industrial Co. Ltd.) has been making pedals in Japan since 1946. The Sylvan Touring is the standard city/touring bike for high end builds. Totally rebuildable. A great upgrade pedal for your Linus. Or, if you bought a road bike from us, it probably had VP retro cages which are the Taiwanese version of the Sylvan Touring. The VP is a totally solid and we have never had one fail but this would be a really nice upgrade.

We are selling for less than wholesale price for these items individually.  Buy in store and save the $10 shipping.

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