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Nishiki Bravo City Bike

Nishiki Bravo City Bike

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Nice quality and attractive Nishiki, but a little modest and inspired. We still did all the heavy work on it and even changed the bar and stem to make it more comfortable.



We consider these "Basic City Bikes." We are often asked for 'just a cheap bike to get around.' This is as low as it goes for us. For us to be able to service, replace components and warranty a lower priced bike like these, we have to be really selective on condition to assure we can build them while keeping the costs low. Rather than our strip and rebuild grade bikes, Basic City Bikes all issues addressed, are tuned and ready to ride but they probably don't have new tires, saddle, grips, etc. A great value for those looking for simple, reliable, casual transportation.

Can you commute on them everyday? No. They were pretty inexpensive to start with and are not built to commuting standards. But, these are bike store grade bikes and as such they are miles ahead of a big box type bike.


Coco's is a local bike shop, primarily selling local bikes. Dis-assembly, packing and shipping adds a hefty $150.
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