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Porsche 911 901/03 Engine Core - 1967 Porsche 911T

Porsche 911 901/03 Engine Core - 1967 Porsche 911T

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Engine core that has been disassembled. I have pointed out areas of wear or damage that I have seen, but that should not be taken as a comprehensive assessment of the engine.

I was told by previous owner that the engine failed in the 1980's, was disassembled and they replaced the engine with another engine.

The engine is marked 901/03, which I believe means it is a 1967 magnesium case 2.0L for a 911T. The sequence number is 22832. The serial number is 6191682.

The #2 cylinder is damaged at the bottom. The case is damaged as shown that is consistent with the cylinder damage. The #2 cylinder head has damage to the inside of the combustion chamber and it appears that the exhaust valve does not seat all the way. One of the other cylinders, I think marked 6, is very damaged but there is no other visible damage to the case. Perhaps it was dropped.

The rod with damaged wrist pins is pictured along with a broken rocker and gear tooth.

One of the timing chain covers is damaged at one of the mounting holes as seen.

Based on the rod bearing 901.141.00 part number, I believe the crank has not been ground and is standard.

I have bagged a lot of the hardware and sorted some stuff to keep things tidy and more clean to handle.

Interesting trades considered - want list is here.


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