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Raleigh Talus 1

Raleigh Talus 1

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From Raleigh:

When you hop on Raleigh's Talus 1 to ride down paved paths and streets, you can keep rolling when the sidewalk ends! At home on dirt, gravel, and pavement, this entry-level mountain bike will keep your adventure going when you decide it's time to head off road and explore the path less travelled.

The upright steel frame provides a comfortable riding position for your neck and lower back, and being upright gives you a better vantage point for spotting any obstacles in your path. The large 27.5" wheels and wide 2" tires help you easily roll over bumps and potholes with confidence.

Shimano twist shifters offer you 21 different gears to get you through whatever may cross your path without having to move your hands off the grips. The Raleigh Mountain Plush Saddle ensures that your next ride is a comfy one.

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