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Salsa Journeyman 650B 1x Advent 9 Speed Group

Salsa Journeyman 650B 1x Advent 9 Speed Group

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Lots of smart money spent on the new Journeyer from Salsa. Previously this was called a Journeyman but with the number of women riding these bikes Salsa realized that was silly and renamed the bikes. It is a bit of mouthful. Should have called it a Journeydog.

We received two of the 700c 1x Advent drivetrain bikes. Read about them here.

This is the superior low buck spec for someone that wants the simplicity and function of a single chain ring up front.

We have one 53. These are low standover bikes so friendly for those that are shorter of leg.



From Salsa:

Journeyer Advent 700c is a gravel adventure bike that meets the needs of new and experienced riders alike. We designed the all-new aluminum frame and Fantail aluminum fork around comfortable and confident geometry for a nice ride on challenging gravel roads and rough city streets alike. Set it up however you like with rack and fender mounts, Three-Pack mounts on the fork, top tube and accessory mounts, and water bottle mounts — perfect for long gravel days, bikepacking outings, or commutes. The 700c x 38 mm wheels and tires blend rolling speed with traction, and MicroSHIFT’s superb Advent 1 x 9 components are as reliable as anything else out there. Meet your new gravel adventure bike.


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