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Surly Cross-Check - Light Touring, Dirt Riding, Pot Hole Swallowing Commuter

Surly Cross-Check - Light Touring, Dirt Riding, Pot Hole Swallowing Commuter

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We love Cross-Checks and consider them the finest all-arounder for the money. Great bikes that are made to be extremely durable bikes. We try to carry a pretty full size run of drop bar Cross Checks.

UPDATE: The venerable Swiss Army knife of bikes - the Surly Cross Check - has been discontinued. We will still be able to get frame sets, but complete bikes have gone the way of the dodo bird. One 58 CM left. This photo is the exact bike. Exact spec. Last one. Nice price.

From Surly:

There is no such thing as one bike that can do it all, but the Cross-Check comes mighty close. It’s is a cyclocross bike by design, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it has only one purpose. This jack-of-all-trades will do just as well getting you across the country as it does getting you across town. At home on the road, on trails, and on gravel, the Cross-Check’ll fit pretty big tires, or smaller ones if you like. It can be built as a geared bike, a singlespeed, or a fixed-gear.

The Cross-Check’s frame is engineered to supply a comfortable but lively ride. The tubing is CroMoly steel, high quality, custom-drawn, and built to our specifications. It’s designed to work with components of popular sizes, meaning you can find both new and old parts to hang on this frame. It will accommodate a wide range of crank types and chainring sizes. It’s got accommodations for racks and fenders (front and rear) and, because of its ample tire clearance, you can outfit it to suit where and how you will use it.

There’s a reason the Cross-Check has remained popular after all these years. The frame is comfy, tough as nails, and super versatile. We continue to hear from people for whom the Cross-Check has long been their go-to bike simply because it performs so astonishingly well on any surface.

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