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Surly Flat Bar Cross-Check - Mega-commuter Now, Mega-tourer Later

Surly Flat Bar Cross-Check - Mega-commuter Now, Mega-tourer Later

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Coco's is one of very few Surly dealers in Los Angeles. We love the flat bar Cross Check as it's super simple drivetrain is so easy to maintain. It is a sensible, heavy duty bike without being heavy. A great deal with the rear rack - this is a true ride every day commuter. Lots of bikes can't put up with that kind of riding. We don't stock the full size run, but we try to keep 3 or so in stock at all times and can order if you fall out of that range.

We have included some photos of some custom builds we have done. Whatever your needs and taste, we can build it.


From Surly:

The bicycle is a great way to get around. It’s a lot less expensive than a car and a lot less crowded than public transportation. These days, many bicycle companies forsake practicality in the name of speed, weight, or some other frivolity. Well, not us. Behold the Flat Bar Cross-Check: a different take on an old favorite, and a go-to for those seeking solid two-wheel, non-motorized transport.
It’s still the same Surly Cross-Check frame that has reliably carried people from here to there for decades, only with a spec that moves it deeper into the category of practical transportation. The Cross-Check frame is constructed of our size specific 4130 CroMoly ‘Natch tubing and adorned with a simple and straight forward build kit comprised of SRAM X5 components, tough Alex rims, and our do-it-all Knard 41 tire. Instead of the standard drop bar, there’s a comfy flat bar with a 27-degree sweep to keep you sitting pretty, and an MSW Pork Chop rear rack to carry you and all of your stuff with the greatest of ease. One of our goals with this bike was to keep the price tag low and the usefulness high. That way, you’ll have some cash leftover just in case you want to stop for a happy hour on the way home from work.
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