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Used KHS Urban-X Super Commuter in the Euro Style

Used KHS Urban-X Super Commuter in the Euro Style

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Serious commuters in Europe rely on sensible bikes like this while the US bike manufacturers try to sell everyone on race bikes. All the Euro touches like higher volume tires, rack with a snap clamp, hex head locking skewers, full fenders and wider, heavier duty, higher spoke count, double wall rims. 

Quite sleepy looking in sedate color to blend in with the other bikes on the rack to lower theft possibility. This is a 16” which would put it at the larger end of small for riders around 5’ 4” - 5’ 6”. Superb commuter bike for a kid. 

KHS still sells Urban-X bikes for $919 and the only meaningful change from ours is the new ones are disc brake and ours has v-brakes. 

Very well kept bicycle that was stored inside. Angel completed a comprehensive refurb and it is ready to commute. 

Coco’s supporter sold to us at the nice price and we are passing along value at $395. 

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