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Used Specialized Crossroads Built for On-Road and Off-Road Adventures


This bike came in super rough and was donated to the store. We didn't think it could be built as it everything was trashed. We stripped two bikes to assemble this cool Deore LX / Indexed Shimano Thumbie group and Tiff did a great job on the build. This is a Coco's Hobo Camper meaning you can ride the old Ridge Route for a couple hours and carry enough stuff to camp out. Or just have a great city bike with some campground / winery / Joshua Tree fun off-road jaunts.

Small 16.5"
Probably 5' 4" - 5' 6" or so


This bicycle has been refurbished to the Blue Tag standard which includes a 30 day warranty. For more on Coco's color coded refurb standards, click.

Coco's is a local bike shop, primarily selling local bikes. Dis-assembly, packing and shipping adds a hefty $150.
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