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Used Sporty Hybrid GT Transeo 3.0

$395.00 was $690.00

As of October 13th, this bike is on hold. Email us at cocosvarietystore@gmail.com to inquire.


This is an REI grade bike that was barely ridden and then left in the weather for four years. We bought it inexpensively as it needed so much. Tons new including grips, tubes, tires, brake pads, chain, disc rotors, etc.

These were $690 new. Perfect riding condition - it rides really nice, actually - but there are faded parts from the sun and still some surface rust on hardware here and there. If it was cleaner, it would be $50-75 more. Still better than 99% of the stuff on craigslist.



This bicycle has been refurbished to the Blue Tag standard which includes a 30 day warranty. For more on Coco's color coded refurb standards, click.

Coco's is a local bike shop, primarily selling local bikes. Dis-assembly, packing and shipping adds a hefty $150.
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