Zigo Leader Bakfiet Kid Cargo Carrying Trike Stroller Everything Bike


Zigo Leader bakfiet cargo kid carrying bike. Ride to your destination with two kids in front, disconnect front section that works as stroller, shop, load in one kid and two cases of wine and forget one kid, ride home, disconnect stroller again, attach front wheel to change configuration into a regular bike, ride to the river, get drunk under a bridge and meet new people that may/ may not shoot you in the legs. On lighter note, get a $1679 cargo kid carrier for $600. Well kept, nice and clean. Kid compartment holds two seat belted children with ample room for a couple baguettes.


Clean, tuned, ready to ride.


This bicycle has been refurbished to the Blue Tag standard which includes a 30 day warranty. For more on Coco's color coded refurb standards, click.

Coco's is a local bike shop, primarily selling local bikes. Shipping not possible. 

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