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Eumig FL-1000uP 3-head Cassette Deck

Eumig FL-1000uP 3-head Cassette Deck

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On September 15th, I bought a giant rack mount Eumig stereo system at a garage sale in Altadena. It is a striking pile of components in a handmade, burnt effect stereo cabinet. The rack system is not for sale - just the FL-1000uP cassette deck

Everything worked, except the cassette deck.

Yesterday, I got a long desired Nakamichi Dragon cassette deck. I removed the Eumig from the rack to try to see if I could coax it to life. I couldn't.

When I got the deck, it had red tape over the cassette window. It was a pretty nice effect, but was peeling. I removed it and there is some residue. I was able to remove quite a bit of the residue with alcohol, but some remains (pictured.) The cassette door would not eject and it felt like the button was free floating. None of the play, rewind, etc. functions worked. I hoped that if I could get a cassette in that it would allow the buttons to function.

I removed the case and was able to get the door to open manually. Putting in a cassette did not solve the issue. It powers up, the counter lights, the meters light, if you turn the output knob the meters jump, the SOURCE LED lights when the button is pressed but you can't get it to turn off by pressing the TAPE and the meter DIMMER switch lights. The cassette bay light works. When you power up the deck, there is a sound near the cassette bay that sounds like something is energizing - a promising sound!

It appears original and unmonkey'd with inside with original Frako capacitors. The ribbon connecters had dabs of glue to secure.

The original owner, J.R. Yancy was quite concerned about theft and engraved his name on two places. Once on the back, once behind the rack mount ear. Also, he stenciled his name on the top and both sides. I have not tried to remove this paint. Some tape residue on tape.

The front is close to immaculate. Maybe the very, very finest of paper towel scratches on the VU meter panel. Tape residue remains on cassette door. Also, there was tape residue to the right of the door. I got most of it off with rubbing alcohol but didn't go farther.

If you want to see some more pictures of the unit, I would refer you to my instagram, Coco's Variety. Pics here.

Sold as-is, doesn't work. Price is firm, will trade. Will be viewable at store soon.


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